Registration 101


During the first year, focus on 100 and 200 level classes as these are designed for first-year students. There are some 300-level classes that faculty have also deemed appropriate listed on the A&S Advising Canvas Course. Along with your first-year writing-requirement, you can explore a current interest, try something new, or follow your curiosity with a special First-Year Program. In Arts & Sciences, you create your own path!

So what's next? Here we've compiled a timeline and resources you may need to help you register for the fall.

Registration Timeline


  1. Activate your WUSTLKey and set up your WUSTL email.
  2. On May 12, 4 p.m. (CT), sign up for any First-Year Programs you are interested in.
  3. Complete the "A&S Advising Course" in Canvas.
    • You can find this course by logging into your account at
    • This course is made up of modules that will walk you through the registration process, how to read course listings, and how to pick the best course schedule for your first semester.
  4. Browse course options in Course Listings.
  5. Find your first-year writing-requirement, College Writing, on WebSTAC, and browse theme options.
  6. Take any applicable placement exams.
  7. Complete your Registration Worksheets.


  1. Around June 1st, we will email you with the name of your four-year advisor, instructions for completing your second Canvas Course, and your registration time. You can also find this information in WebSTAC.
  2. Take any applicable placement exams.
  3. Complete your Registration Worksheet on WebSTAC and schedule a time to talk with your advisor.
  4. Meet with your four-year advisor online at the scheduled time. 
    • Remember: You must meet with your advisor before you will be allowed to register.


  1. From July 12-14, register for your classes at the time you were assigned. 


You MUST have activated your WUSTL Key to register. An email was sent to you with instructions on how to activate your WUSTL Key. If you have not received this email, please contact the University Registrar’s office by email, or call them at 314-935-5959.

Email University Registrar

Placement Exams

Calculus Placement
College Writing Placement

General Chemistry Diagnostic Exam

Language Placement

For information about language placement, please visit our website

Music Placement

Dance Classes

Registration in any upper-level dance course is subject to approval after the placement class, a 1 1/2 hour class, which takes place during orientation in August. For more information on dance registration, please visit the dance department website

Computer Science Placement

Access the Computer Sciences placement exam. Questions regarding the Computer Science Placement should be directed to Professor Bill Siever.

Placement Testing Accommodations for Disabled Students

Students who need testing accommodations on placement exams due to a disability must submit their request to Disability Resources by completing a New Student Application, along with any necessary documentation. When accommodations are supported, Disability Resources will generate a verification letter students may provide the placement test coordinator.

Registration Resources & Policies

  • Course Listings

    A list of all courses offered at WashU each semester
  • WebSTAC

    Where you'll find your grades, registration time, advisor's name, and where you'll register for classes
  • Canvas

    Where you'll find the "A&S Advising Course" to help you register
  • First-Year Programs

    Browse special program and course offerings only open to first-year students
  • AP Credit Policies

    Check to see if your AP exam scores can earn you WashU credit.
  • IB Credit Policies

    Check to see if your IB exam scores can earn you WashU credit.
  • Disability Resources and Certification

    If you have a disability - or suspect you have one - you should reach out to the staff at Disability Resources to discuss certification
  • College Writing

    Learn more about the one required course for your first year and the different themes available
  • PreHealth at WashU

    Interested in preparing for a career in healthcare? Learn more about our course recommendations and advising program
  • GenChem Prerequisites

    Learn about prerequisites for signing up for General Chemistry