Career & PostGraduate Advising

Career & PostGraduate Advising

With an Arts & Sciences degree, you do more than make a living. You make a difference.

The ArtSci Difference

With an Arts & Sciences degree, you have the flexibility to study what you love and pursue a profession that's meaningful to you.

Our liberal arts curriculum prepares you to contribute to a vibrant and just society and to thrive in the professional worlds of business, education, law, medicine, government, and non-profit industries. From 2013-2016, 94% of reporting graduates landed a position or place in graduate, law or medical school. For more information, visit the Career Center Outcomes Data

Through your coursework, you will gain the knowledge and skills necessary for any career, including critical thinking, research skills, communication, civic knowledge and cultural awareness. You will also have many opportunities to gain professional knowledge and skills through specialized coursework and experiences, like internships, research, community service, leadership training, and/or coursework in programs like Praxis: Tools for World of Work.


Personalized Advice for Any Career

Advising for Careers and Internships

Your liberal arts education and experience combine to open doors to a first job and lifelong career success in the fluid and dynamic 21st-century job market. Complement your studies with professional development through skill-building workshops, employer events, networking opportunities, and one-on-one career advising with the Career Center.

For students interested in entrepreneurial ventures, liberal arts students are highly competitive and sought after when they combine their studies with opportunities through the Skandalaris Center for Interdisciplinary Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Advising for Graduate School

Are you curious about the world? Have you ever wondered what it takes to create, and not just consume, knowledge? Have you ever thought about working in a university, a think-tank, a major laboratory or library, or an organization that creates policies that really work? If you answered yes to any of these questions, graduate school is for you.

Find out more about graduate school at the PreGraduate Advising site.

Advising for Law School

Legal education and careers in law are deeply challenging and satisfying. To learn if law is right for you and how to prepare for law school, view a list of advisors, a PreLaw Handbook, additional resources, and information on how to apply.

Find it all at the PreLaw Advising site.

Advising for Medical and Health School

In Arts & Sciences, you can major in any subject while gaining a solid academic foundation for any career in the health professions, including medicine, veterinary care, dentistry, physical therapy, nursing, and more. You can find a variety of research and volunteer opportunities as early as your first year; enjoy a community of faculty and advisors committed to supporting you and giving you personal attention; and participate in the life of our internationally recognized medical school, even as an undergraduate.

Find out more at our PreHealth Advising site.